i think it was gifted ed guru Roger Taylor who said what’s best for the best is best for the rest with respect to curriculum. Thinking about my newly registered students – predominantly ‘the rest’ – how can I attract the very best teachers?

I recall an interview I experienced many years ago. I’d applied to be an assistant principal in what would be described by those in the field as an inner-city school serving at-risk students. Previously, I had taught gifted students in a small school nestled in an affluent neighborhood. In spite of my instruction, not because of it, I’m pretty sure most of those kids went on to be successful. The children of parents with graduate degrees, they learned those social ropes early in life. Probably what we call ‘soft skills’ today – networking and exchanging pleasantries and business cards and closing deals on golf courses.
Back to my interview … the committee consisted of older men, black and Hispanic. One asked,”Why would you want to come down here?” I’m still shocked by that question. I remember responding, Well gentlemen, why wouldn’t I? Doesn’t the best education always go to the kids who need it the least?”
I still think that’s true.
I got the job.