Tonight I’m thinking about america and my place in it. What happened to the dream I thought would come true?  I recall a crisp Fall morning, when my 10 year old daughter and I walked down to her school, right across the street from Senator McCain’s office.

My little girl spied a ‘Vote No on 102’ sign and asked me if she could have one. Of course she could! Off she went with her little pigtails swinging and a five dollar bill pressed tightly in her palm.  She came back to me, joyous, with the sign held high above her head and the most important question, ‘Mama, why would politicians have anything to say about who you fall in love with?” Indeed, why would they?
I’m sitting in my kitchen in an arizona that may not fully grasp the fact that the very notion of america is unraveling before us. Over twenty years ago, I left Northern Ireland in pursuit of the idea of america. Tonight, I’m thankful I have a little girl whose questions remind me that it’s attainable. Well, at least for those of us who have social security numbers and a path to legitimacy.